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30 Broad Street 

New York, NY

The Continental Bank Building is located on 30 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004 on the corner of Broad Street and Exchange Place. Completed in 1932, the building stands at 48 floors tall and features over 300,000 square feet in office space for rent, make it quite a sizable structure. Although an older building, the structure has undergone a series of renovations and capital improvement programs throughout its history that have kept it up-to-date. The Continental Bank Building also benefits from some of New York’s best amenities as it sits in the heart of the Financial District. 30 Broad Street stands in close proximity to the brown and red MTA subway lines as well as hundreds of different restaurants around the neighborhood. In addition, the edifice’s closeness to other office buildings that pepper the neighborhood make this space ideal for an organization needing closeness to partner firms or clients. The building was constructed with a simple, straightforward architecture without ornamentation was meant to symbolize the ‘no-frills’ aspect of higher class business dealings around the time of construction.

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